Examination Process

FDA Examination takes great pride in the accuracy and trustworthiness of our work. We guarantee the utmost accuracy and will always work to deliver on our industry’s best practices to ensure confidence in our results.

While every case submitted to FDA Examination is unique, there are some typical document and signature examination cases for which we have standardized some of our process. Our examination process is designed to deliver the most accurate results.

Examination Process image


    In order to determine if FDA Examination is the appropriate firm to take on your case, our examiner is available for free initial consultations. This introductory consultation will be followed by a more in-depth conversation, should you choose to retain our services. At that time, our examiner will detail how to best prepare and transport your documents, as well as what supporting materials may be necessary to conduct a comprehensive analysis.


    In Person

    Our examiner only conducts examinations on documents and signatures physically available in person. No digital scans or computer reproductions will be analyzed. Our examiner will make recommendations regarding shipping and handling of sensitive materials, if appropriate.



    Several factors are taken into account when our examiner analyzes handwriting and signatures. Those factors include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • Known Exemplars
    • Letter Shape and Formation
    • Pen Lifts and Hesitation
    • Blunt Starts and Stops
    • Speed and Pen Pressure
    • Tracing
    • Patching
    • Slant
    • Angle and Flow
    • Letter Spacing and Sizing
    • Ink Age



    In order to view handwriting and signatures in greater detail, our examiner uses several specialized tools in practice. These tools include, but are not limited to, the following:
    • ProScopes
    • Microscopes and Magnifiers
    • Lighted LED Magnification Visors
    • Document Scanners



    Once our analysis is complete, our examiner will complete a report or certificate detailing the findings of our examination. This document will bear a matching set of anti-counterfeit, serialized holograms both on the document examined, as well as the original completed report or certificate.



    Your report or certificate will be permanently stored in FDA Examination’s online-accessible database, where you will be able to cross reference our examiner’s findings using the unique serialized hologram identifier.